Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Look forward to our exciting upcoming PURIM SECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look forward to our exciting upcoming PURIM SECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thursday Nov.29
Need inspiration on keeping your children healthy?
Listen in to our latest interview of Mrs. Sara Rosenbaum about creating a healthy enviroment for your family by pressing 8 and then 1
Enjoy Shevy Grossberg Part IV of The Power of One Word by going to 7,4,1,4#
Baruch Hashem, Thursday parshas V'Yishlach, we now have a new Mother-to-Mother session @ 1-9-1-42#

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday, November 28
Listen in to  the latest lecture bySora Tova Best
on Personal Growtth
By pressing
I  listened to it already and I think it was great.  Some ppl. just reasonate with me, what can I do?
Just thought it was a bit interesting that the same person does a weight LOSS thing and a personal GROWTH section.  Sort of counterintuitive, I think, no?  Are we supposed to lose or grow?
Oh well, enjoy listening and growing!    

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sorry I did not update this blog recently, but I was very busy.  But as they say, Busy is good.  May we always b busy with good things.
So here goes....
Thursday. Nov. 22, '12
Check out Devori Fischer's new lecture on Helping Our Children Reach their Full Academic Potential
Press 7,6,1,9#
Check out Shavy Grossberg on The Power of One Word (amen) by pressing 7,4,1,3#
Listen to Sora Tova Best on Personal Growth by dialing 7,3,1,23#  My personal opinion?  She is the best!
Monday 11/26
Be inspired by a new interview of the world renowned Mrs. Miriam Swerdlov by pressing 8 and then 1.  I know I have said it before but she is one of my favorite ppl.  The interviewer is a new one and I think she is quite good, too. Maybe she talks a bit too much, but for a first time it is great,  I think!
Listen and lose!
Weight Loss Series by S.T. Best
Press 5,1,1,2#
New Ze'eva Rachel Bas Chaya update
That is the lady (wendy rungee or something like it  her name is.)  that is going through a legal battle in Minesota, I think
press 1,8 and then 1
Tuesday 11/27
Great news!
The news will now be updated daily iy'h. Including Sunday and Friday!  Listen in... (I think 1,1,)  Who ever said no news is good news?
Listen in to Perl Abramowitz's latest piece on parenting by pressing 7,2,1,12#
Check out Tova Younger's latest session on homemaking by pressing 4,6,1,15#
I love how this woman intertwines the spiritual and the mundane so seamlessly.  Is that not what our lives as Jewish women are all about?  Gotta go listen to this one, see what she brings up this week!
Learn how to relax!
I wish it would be so easy.
Stress Management!
I wonder who that is!

Check out our new weekly discussion about teenagers listening to the Akeres Habayis Hotline  by pressing 1,6, 1, 1#.  Enjoy!  Looking 4ward 2 hearing your feedback.  Press 1,7 to put in your $.02 and go to 1,6,1,2 to hear everyone else's 2 cents.
We shouldn't really make fun of it bcs we really value ur feedback!  It is what keeps up tickin'
Check out Tova Youger's latest lecture by pressing 4,6,1,14#

Saturday, June 5, 2010


under new management

Akeres HaBayis is a great new innovation, perfect for today's busy Jewish wives and mothers.  As you go about your daily routine, just call us and be enlightened about many different areas of life. We offer a news and weather option.  We frequently host famous women speakers, as well as we have several proffessionals available to answer your myrial questions about a variety of topics that are close to every Jewish women's heart.  A favorite among our callers is the famous Perl Abramowitz about parenting, Dr. Yael Respler about shalom bayis.  The recipe section is also well loved by many.  Let's not forget the weekly discussion which often sparks intense debates and heated comments by many of our devoted listeners.
            But don't take my word for it.  Try any one of our numbers and soon you will be hooked, too!  People say it is addictive, so be careful!  (Just joking!)

The hotline numbers are:
General # 212-444-1900
Brooklyn # 718-506-9057
Monsey # 845-678-8360
Lakewood # 732-806-8533

Our records show that our audience is large, diverse, worldwide and growing!  Can't fight with facts!  Join the crowd!
    Due to popular request, we will now be providing our updates online, right here.  We hope to give them to you in a timely, maybe daily, fashion.  But please, no complaints.  I am a busy Akeres Habayis just like you are and am only human!  Always remember that....
O.k.  Here goes.....
Wednesday, Nov. 14,
Recovering from the storm
New Zeeva Rachel bas Chaya* and Rubashkin update
(*Zeeva Rachel Bas Chaya is a young mother going through a difficult legal battle)
press 1 8 1
Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012
Check out our new lecture by Tova Younger* 
press 4 6 1 13#
(*Tova's section is called Hands-on How-tos for the home and heart)

Monday, Nov. 12, 2012
Check out Henya Landau's latest lecture 
Press 7 7 1 8 #
*(Henya Landau talks about, "Child Brain Developement") 

Check out Chana Eisenstein's latest session
Stress Management
Press 5 6 1 5 #
Check out Perl Abramowitz's latest session
Positive Parenting
Press 7 2 1 10#
Thursday.  Nov.8
We'd like to welcome Mrs. Shavy Grossberg,  the coordinator of Chupa, to her new section entitled "The power of Just One Word"
Press 7 4 1